Most of us know how frustrating it can be when we’re ‘forced’ to sign up for services we don’t need or want. We’re frequently met with confusing and sometimes even misleading instructions when we attempt to cancel or change recurring payments.

Twelve months ago, I signed up for a $40 Norton antivirus. The process was easy, and it didn’t present any issue. That was until I received an auto-renewal charge of almost $120. The same product, however, is currently sold on promo for $50.

I navigated to attempt to unsubscribe from the service.

Since I can’t sing like Taylor swift…

Leadership Lessons from My Time at GS1 Canada

Tuesday was my last working day at GS1, and it was bittersweet for me because while I am embarking on an awesome new challenge (one I am excited about). I have very fond memories of my time at GS1.

Here are a couple of things I learnt

Be grateful for the barcode; it literally holds the economy up and saves your life every time you go to the hospital.

Leadership isn’t what you say or even how you say it; it is what you do. I have a pretty acute corporate BS…

What do Product Management and Hurricanes have in common?

Sometimes being a product manager in technology feels like being caught in a 250km/hr wind with your parachute open.

but this post is not about that feeling.

Ok, it is.

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

This brings me to the cone of uncertainty. This is a widely used tool for visually representing that the accuracy or lack of it in successfully predicting the outcome of an event.

Here we look at how it is used in software project management and in predicting the movements of hurricanes.

Boma Tai-Osagbemi

Tech Product Manager. Strategist.Product Marketing .JS Newbie

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